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Statistical data

This area meets the requirements for the disclosure of aggregate statistical data on crucial aspects of the implementation of solvency rules. Greater details and additional data on compliance with the solvency rules and the exercise of supervisory conduct can be found in the Banco de España (BE) Report on Banking Supervision in SpainAbre en nueva ventana, and in other publications by the BE and the CNMV.

The confidential information received by the BE and the CNMV in the exercise of their supervisory responsibilities can only be disclosed in a summarised or aggregate manner so that the CIs and IFs cannot be identified, without prejudice to the exceptions envisaged under Spanish regulations. Consequently, if the disclosure of aggregate statistical data infringes on the duty of confidentiality to which the BE and CNMV are bound, such information shall not be disclosed.

This information can be viewed at EU country level on the EBAAbre en nueva ventana website.

Statistical Data (2014-2020)

Statistical Data (2005-2013)